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Some of the components to keep our smartphone

1.Some components sometimes also necessary treatment special. Some sensors like sensor light that looks physically can you do the cleansing with a cloth or the medium bed surface was smooth so hantaran light can good received by the sensor light on the android you, as well as the switch which is the component important that often times we use, when you use the button you shouldn't be too hard in doing the suppression, also reduce the intensity in suppression can add age button good keytone or keypad.

2.Clean the pin connector is there on android (like: connector to battery) by using a tissue or cotton-bud in a regular every 3 or 6 months. Do not use liquid anything when you are not experienced. If you're going to use liquid you should refer to your fluid specifically for electronics like CCL.

3.Avoid out-came in the replacement of the SIM CARD too often.

4.After android is of temperature hot and extreme cold, because it will reduce / disrupt the performance of the device android.

5.My advice, if age android you 2 years or more, mull it over to buy / replace your devices with new. because Generally the "force" stuff electronic the maximum rata-rata just two years. Therefore, the sarge watch the perimeter devices you (sell and buy a new one) before the price android a long fall because it is broken.

6.Don't take off the connector plug in on android with the hard way. Some of the plug in embedded on the android for example plug in a USB, HDMI, head set and still many others. Lepaslah slowly and carefully in mengunakannya and don't forget to do cleansing regularly using cotton bud or media that is subtle and dry.

2. From the side of the Software

Optimalisasi android you when to start slow or feels lag. (source: teknoup):

1.Messaging database
Usually display text in android (froyo) the shape of the thread, so we never realize is how much text is stored. First divide the first text which is something considered to be important and go to the folder sleep, or forward like the phone Gmail account address and the text will diforward again through gmail apps so I can dikasih label and file whenever we. next on the menu of the main text, we remove all the text there.

2.Email database
Keep all - in on the PC we may not affect the same performance PC, but if you all inbox the following attachement its stored in memory CELL we can-can your CELL phone so it's gonna hang. The same as the maintenance text, separate them all I deemed important and given a label, archive and gentlemen. After that delete all email that remains including spam coming in.

3.The application cache
Some cache can be stored on the sdcard, but by default cache will be stored in the memory CELL. Every application connected to the internet usually is an option to 'wipe cache' automatically, and make sure we're not wasting deposits of the application is important. If cache stored in sdcard, while memory sdcard is still quite maka stash left alone. To clear the cache, I recommend you to use the application 1Tap Cleaner that you can download for free in the play store.

Memory PHONE full sdcard too full, it's been confirmed the CELL phone always lemot and have hang. Some data can dicopy to PC like photos, songs, pdf, word, zip/rar a, better transferred to the hard drive PC, let alone data that spending quota memory fix is in pieces. Proved if we me-maintenance and re-cleaning routinely can improve the performance of your CELL phone and data-data that doesn't need to whatever didn't match the memory.

Do backups regularly:
Doing backup is easy but often times we forget it, do backups regularly

Clean files are not useful:
Choose applications that would come in handy, uninstall applications that you think are useless, other than to lighten the burden of memory and save battery with the tidy up application you can make it easy in the search when you are going to use applications such

Thus Tips the cell Phone about how to care for a CELL phone Android so be it, hold it for a long time and not quickly damaged. Good tips above useful for You the users PHONE Android. Read also how to set up GPRS on your CELL phone Android.

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