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A. First of all way to save the data in a memory card that is broken, by the way :

1.Off the memory card in the device then put it in the cardreader that is plugged in the computer

2. Choose drive memory card at removable disk then right click choose properties

3. Click TOOL and then click it again Check now,


4.Tick automatically check the system for error and scan for and attempt recovery of bad setor. tick both, choose then Start. After that wait till the process finished.

5.Then off the memory card from the cardreader and put more in the cell phone/camera/ device other, then over. your data is safe and memory card you can be used back if still can't try to do the second step

B. Way of this second continuation if way above failed and would take a long time.

1. To use FileRecovery for MultiMediaCard or MMC Medic ,if there's a computer you're not there then download the first (File Recovery) and then installed on your computer (MMC Medic) or (CardRecovery) or can also use the application recovery and repair that you can find through the search engine google.


2. Choose the Drive where memory card you are. (Look in My computer where Removable disk, that memory card you're).

3. Then choose where you will save the data Recovery (data saved).

4. Select start, wait until the process finished.

5. Then your data has been saved. open where you last save the file.

6. Or you can recovery your data in a way that I've ever wrote on an article maxiandroid "Restore Data Lost"


Every application repair way the use of different but logically I say something like the above, to the use of the relative easy and I'm sure you'd be able to use it without a problem.

C. After that FORMAT memory card you in phone android.

D. If you can't format through the way up, try format memory card with a program help that was installed on the PC.

1.Loose memory card on phone then put it in the cardreader that is plugged in the computer

2. Choose drive memory card at Removable disk then right click choose formats .


3. Then press Start. wait until the process finished.

4.After you're done, use the way A. to jump-SCAN /fix MMC you damaged-the Memory card corrupted.


-Way over only repair if the damage is not because of physically or bad sector, but if a bad sector and memory card you still warranty remember most of the memory card when it bergaransi life time, then I'd suggest that you do the warranty cards memory, of course the warranty with the terms and provisions applicable.
-If the memory card you damaged during failed partitions, try to partitions your sd card but failed partitions not everything can be in repair.

So any tips how to powerful fix Memory Card the eror or damaged. Good tips above useful to You all. Read also how to fix the flash that terproteksi

Way Powerful Fix Memory Card/MMC the Error

Way Powerful Fix Memory Card/MMC the Error. An Update of the article this time Blog Caratip will give you tips associated with cell phone that is how to fix memory card or MMC the error. Usually if the memory card eror that can't kebaca on the phone You. Even though memory card has many excellence,not that his existence without flaws. Micro sd very helpful and useful especially for users android for peyimpanan data like photos,music,data-data, and other.It is very annoying when memory is having a problem.

Memory card a stuff that easily damaged,does the damage here is kerusak in the system files (not physically). The level of damage to the memory card enough berfariasi.There are sometimes and more illegible by device android, its capacity is different with the stamped,until completely not be used, describe this memory is not detected or when detected but can't open it. A lot of the cause among others on account of :

- heat too much on the device

- the influence of a magnetic field

- error when pulling / pushing the memory into the slot device

- exposed to the virus or the files are corrupt

-memory card often moved out-move to another device, for example memory card cell phone, we turn it into a digital camera by repeatedly

- a fault in the system or failed partitions

- and still many other things


How to fix memory card that is broken

There are several ways to fix it, let us share way one by one.

The Way I

Use a card reader connected to the PC

How to run a Format through the menu Windows Explorer.

1.Pull out the memory card from the device android, insert into memory card reader.


Watch :

Don't carelessly remove the memory device of android, use the menu "Unmount SD Card" to pull out the memory when device android active. or it can also deactivate the cell phone first, and then pulling the memory.

2. Find drive memory card (see in the menu Windows Eksploler), for example on the drive (D,E,F,G,H or other). If the memory already it r eads, the click of a button right mouse, and select menu ‘Format’.

3. Next appeared a choice type of format (FAT, FAT32 and NTSC), make sure you choose a system format file FAT.

4. Click the button "Format Now" and wait until it's done.

If it appears the message "error" then the PC can't memformat again, use another way which is a format through the menu Command Line. A Format through the Command Line

1. On the PC, click Start --> Run, and type CMD. Window Command will look at fashion DOS prompt.

2. Next type in



(k=the drive where the memory card, if memory card is located in drive g, then write g)

3. Wait until it's done.

Way II

As an alternative
else to fix sd card damaged

Some of the components to keep our smartphone

1.Some components sometimes also necessary treatment special. Some sensors like sensor light that looks physically can you do the cleansing with a cloth or the medium bed surface was smooth so hantaran light can good received by the sensor light on the android you, as well as the switch which is the component important that often times we use, when you use the button you shouldn't be too hard in doing the suppression, also reduce the intensity in suppression can add age button good keytone or keypad.

2.Clean the pin connector is there on android (like: connector to battery) by using a tissue or cotton-bud in a regular every 3 or 6 months. Do not use liquid anything when you are not experienced. If you're going to use liquid you should refer to your fluid specifically for electronics like CCL.

3.Avoid out-came in the replacement of the SIM CARD too often.

4.After android is of temperature hot and extreme cold, because it will reduce / disrupt the performance of the device android.

5.My advice, if age android you 2 years or more, mull it over to buy / replace your devices with new. because Generally the "force" stuff electronic the maximum rata-rata just two years. Therefore, the sarge watch the perimeter devices you (sell and buy a new one) before the price android a long fall because it is broken.

6.Don't take off the connector plug in on android with the hard way. Some of the plug in embedded on the android for example plug in a USB, HDMI, head set and still many others. Lepaslah slowly and carefully in mengunakannya and don't forget to do cleansing regularly using cotton bud or media that is subtle and dry.

2. From the side of the Software

Optimalisasi android you when to start slow or feels lag. (source: teknoup):

1.Messaging database
Usually display text in android (froyo) the shape of the thread, so we never realize is how much text is stored. First divide the first text which is something considered to be important and go to the folder sleep, or forward like the phone Gmail account address and the text will diforward again through gmail apps so I can dikasih label and file whenever we. next on the menu of the main text, we remove all the text there.

2.Email database
Keep all - in on the PC we may not affect the same performance PC, but if you all inbox the following attachement its stored in memory CELL we can-can your CELL phone so it's gonna hang. The same as the maintenance text, separate them all I deemed important and given a label, archive and gentlemen. After that delete all email that remains including spam coming in.

3.The application cache
Some cache can be stored on the sdcard, but by default cache will be stored in the memory CELL. Every application connected to the internet usually is an option to 'wipe cache' automatically, and make sure we're not wasting deposits of the application is important. If cache stored in sdcard, while memory sdcard is still quite maka stash left alone. To clear the cache, I recommend you to use the application 1Tap Cleaner that you can download for free in the play store.

Memory PHONE full sdcard too full, it's been confirmed the CELL phone always lemot and have hang. Some data can dicopy to PC like photos, songs, pdf, word, zip/rar a, better transferred to the hard drive PC, let alone data that spending quota memory fix is in pieces. Proved if we me-maintenance and re-cleaning routinely can improve the performance of your CELL phone and data-data that doesn't need to whatever didn't match the memory.

Do backups regularly:
Doing backup is easy but often times we forget it, do backups regularly

Clean files are not useful:
Choose applications that would come in handy, uninstall applications that you think are useless, other than to lighten the burden of memory and save battery with the tidy up application you can make it easy in the search when you are going to use applications such

Thus Tips the cell Phone about how to care for a CELL phone Android so be it, hold it for a long time and not quickly damaged. Good tips above useful for You the users PHONE Android. Read also how to set up GPRS on your CELL phone Android.

How to Care for a CELL phone Android To Be and Not Broken

How to Care for a CELL phone Android To Be and Not Broken - You got a CELL phone a Android ?. I'm sure many of You gentlemen who have your CELL phone Android good that a CELL phone Android Samsung or PHONES Android China. Have You ever felt that your CELL phone Android You how kinerjanya or loadingnya lemot, it's hot and the batteries quickly run out so the day can ngecharge until 2 times. Take care of the PHONES Android are not the same with your CELL phone usually because You have to really pay attention to in its needs so that your CELL phone Android You can be, hold it for a long time and not quickly damaged.

How to Care for a CELL phone Android

(PHONE, Android)

Well this time the Blog Caratip will share how to take care of your CELL phone Android to be and hold it long in accordance with the component in it which is the hardware (components as hard as the screen and body) and software (component software as application in the CELL phone Android). To be more clear, please You're getting tips how to take care of your CELL phone Android to be and hold old the following:

1. From the side of the Hardware

The view screen:
1.Use a screen protector or plastic antique scratch on the screen phone.

2.Just keep the phone from objects that contain magnetic fields such as radio, television, and objects-other objects that contain

3.Try screen LCD not in a state of dirty, and if the screen was dirty wash with the use of tissue or cloth smooth.

4.Use finger telunjuk to use the screen, do not use nails to wipe the screen when you're menggunaka because it will result in screen scratches.

5.Hindarkan exposed to sunlight directly, because it will ruin the quality of the LCD.

6.Don't press the screen too fast, press the screen appropriately.

7.Hindarkan from the narrow and hit like a pocket pair of jeans, because it will quickly ruin the screen LCD if it is too often received pressure.

1.Used Android In Good
Used android the with good, love device you such. Because if the device are not treated well, it could be you to be corrupted. That right must be your own that will bother you.

2.Keep Android from Objects that Contain Electromagnetic
Objects electromagnetic disturbing function frequency network (signal) device android you and can cause a android you have no signal and will interrupt the function of android other. For example the device android you get with a speaker or tape the radio, it will sound the beep on the speaker caused by frequency speaker and a CELL phone bumped into each other.

3.Give Accessories Protector Android
Device android you also need accessories that can protect android you from fire, water splashing, falling, heat, and risk of other. Some accessories that can protect the android among those is a CELL, A CELL, Umbilical CELL, Protective LCD Display, Casing work, and others. I'd suggest you use a softcase than the hardcase, though hardcase looks cool, but more optimum softcase in protect android you, especially if you often take off the hardcase with reason will change the card SIM/UIM. Will this cause any scratches on cashing, besides when android you don't accidentally collide, then the softcase is more optimum in giving redaman than the hardcase. Other than that refer to your protector who has the system circulation air so android you're not hot.

4.Clean Android You Periodically
Android we use every day. it's good to be cleaned of dust that sticks, and also so android to be more clean and look bright like android new.

5.Save Android Your in a Safe Place.
Keep your devices in a safe place will save your CELL phone from the risk of theft, fall in slams ... and prevent losing the CELL phone perhaps you forgot to put android.

6.Don't Hit The Water
Device android if exposed to water will have konsleting on the system that will cause permanent damage to hardware android. For that hindarkan android so far away from the reach of the water, but if exposed to liquid you can use the tips I wrote in the article maxiandroid which you can read here.

7.Keep the Device out of the Reach of Children
Children may not yet understand with the android, most likely the children will be knocked over the android is that he thinks he is a device that is his toy. So keep the android you of the reach of children.

8.Avoid From Things That Cause Damage To The Device
Various situations and conditions can cause damage, therefore please you keep android you of such a thing, some of the things that caused the damage android you can find in the article on the blog maxiandroid this and you can read here.

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The Kitchen redmi 2 full

Carrying the IPS technology, the screen presents a visual with a color depth that is very memadahi. Because this type of screen is indeed has the edge on the reproduction of the image with the results. IPS Panel on Xiaomi Redmi 2 is also very good and suitable for graphics. The image on the screen will be visible even at the angle of view of up to 180 degrees. Moreover, the resolution of the resulting image including height, i.e. achieve 720 x 1280. Then no need to worry any more a matter of image quality that will be generated by Xiaomi Redmi 2. In addition, cutting-edge gadgets Xiaomi Redmi 2 is also equipped with protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which will certainly protect your screen from different types of scratches. Meanwhile, multitouch technology complements Xiaomi Redmi 2 to detect multi finger. How did Begawei friend? Advanced display technology not enough on this 2 Redmi Xiaomi specifications? One of the advantages of this type, given the screen technology is one of the things that becomes the benchmark for the specification of the qualified for the smartphone.

It's time we dissect the further specification of this 2 Redmi Xiaomi to know tough as what organ it. This type of Smartphone with a Quad core dimesini ARM Cortex-A53 64 bit. Very powerful tool to generate power. Moreover it is also combined with the hosts Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 410 8916. The presence of 1 GB of RAM is also contributing to the performance of this machine Redmi 2 Xiaomi. Arguably indeed the capacity not won too big. However, to be fair to support performance and a chipset from Xiaomi Redmi 2. That should not be missed when we strip off the runway at a kitchen gadget is the accompanying operating system. OS becomes very important, because the engine performance will also be helped by the operating system. The more sophisticated systems operations, must make the performance of the engine is getting OK. For the OS, the OS uses 2 Redmi Xiaomi Androis KitKat. Compared to the previous generation, this operating system certainly brings the ability to spur machinery on kitchen runway. As a result, Xiaomi Redmi 2 became more powerful with the newer OS. Meanwhile, in the sector of graphics you kan find 306 Adreno GPU. Embedded graphics card specs Xiaomi Redmi 2 is quite responsive to meet your needs for graphics.

cations and price Xiaomi Redmi 2

Specifications and price Xiaomi Redmi 2 – Comrade Begawei're picking and sorting to consider gadget which one to buy? Continue to the promulgation of various new types did make consumers have plenty of choices. Live show just where that suit your needs and requirements. Well, that will be the hosts Xiaomi smartphone we discussed this time, certainly could be one option. Yes! Xiaomi indeed are rising. Original manufacturer this charming China many people with Smartphones-smartphone besutannya. The result? absolutely fantastic! Xiaomi benefit amounting to USD 565,5 million or an increase of up to 83%. Wow!!!! not long ago, Xiaomi to rock the market with gadgets Xiaomi Redmi 1S. It turned out to not need a long time to bring the next-generation successor. Is the name of 2 Redmi Xiaomi pinned to a product that has just been released on Sunday, January 4th, 2015 it. Wow ... still fresh in a while huh? So what are the advantages offered by Xiaomi Redmi 2? A clear, Redmi 2 brings the High-resolution display. So that you will be treated with the visual. In addition, friends of Begawei who likes to explore a wide range of objects for photography, will be able to utilize dual cameras on the front and rear that are on these 2 Redmi Xiaomi. So, do not hesitate to mengekpresikan themselves via photos selfie. The more curious with its specifications? Don't worry, the Begawei have the full specs and price info Xiaomi Redmi 2 for you.

xiaomi redmi 2

It appears that, through Xiaomi Redmi 2 it still survived in middle-market down. As we know, Chinese companies that proved to be a successful run with low price gadgets. Xiaomi Redmi 2 also runs in the class. You are indeed being snap smartphone which is not too expensive but quite powerful tool, it might be very interested with this type. Then will semumpuni what Xiaomi Redmi 2? Clear, Comrade Begawei will be exploring the connection of super-fast 4 g LTE smartphone with Xiaomi. What about the other lines? The following detail specification which will also accompany us to know the range of price.

HP xiaomi redmi 2
Xiaomi specification Redmi 2

4.7-inch screen capable

Physically, the specification Redmi 2 Xiaomi brings the look of a typical smartphone with dimensions measuring 133.8 mm x 67.1 mm x 9 mm with a large screen size and mass reach 134 grams. Including the size is not too large, but not too small for smart phones. Xiaomi Redmi screen 2 is capatitive touchsreen measuring 4.7 inches.