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How to Care for a CELL phone Android To Be and Not Broken

How to Care for a CELL phone Android To Be and Not Broken - You got a CELL phone a Android ?. I'm sure many of You gentlemen who have your CELL phone Android good that a CELL phone Android Samsung or PHONES Android China. Have You ever felt that your CELL phone Android You how kinerjanya or loadingnya lemot, it's hot and the batteries quickly run out so the day can ngecharge until 2 times. Take care of the PHONES Android are not the same with your CELL phone usually because You have to really pay attention to in its needs so that your CELL phone Android You can be, hold it for a long time and not quickly damaged.

How to Care for a CELL phone Android

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Well this time the Blog Caratip will share how to take care of your CELL phone Android to be and hold it long in accordance with the component in it which is the hardware (components as hard as the screen and body) and software (component software as application in the CELL phone Android). To be more clear, please You're getting tips how to take care of your CELL phone Android to be and hold old the following:

1. From the side of the Hardware

The view screen:
1.Use a screen protector or plastic antique scratch on the screen phone.

2.Just keep the phone from objects that contain magnetic fields such as radio, television, and objects-other objects that contain

3.Try screen LCD not in a state of dirty, and if the screen was dirty wash with the use of tissue or cloth smooth.

4.Use finger telunjuk to use the screen, do not use nails to wipe the screen when you're menggunaka because it will result in screen scratches.

5.Hindarkan exposed to sunlight directly, because it will ruin the quality of the LCD.

6.Don't press the screen too fast, press the screen appropriately.

7.Hindarkan from the narrow and hit like a pocket pair of jeans, because it will quickly ruin the screen LCD if it is too often received pressure.

1.Used Android In Good
Used android the with good, love device you such. Because if the device are not treated well, it could be you to be corrupted. That right must be your own that will bother you.

2.Keep Android from Objects that Contain Electromagnetic
Objects electromagnetic disturbing function frequency network (signal) device android you and can cause a android you have no signal and will interrupt the function of android other. For example the device android you get with a speaker or tape the radio, it will sound the beep on the speaker caused by frequency speaker and a CELL phone bumped into each other.

3.Give Accessories Protector Android
Device android you also need accessories that can protect android you from fire, water splashing, falling, heat, and risk of other. Some accessories that can protect the android among those is a CELL, A CELL, Umbilical CELL, Protective LCD Display, Casing work, and others. I'd suggest you use a softcase than the hardcase, though hardcase looks cool, but more optimum softcase in protect android you, especially if you often take off the hardcase with reason will change the card SIM/UIM. Will this cause any scratches on cashing, besides when android you don't accidentally collide, then the softcase is more optimum in giving redaman than the hardcase. Other than that refer to your protector who has the system circulation air so android you're not hot.

4.Clean Android You Periodically
Android we use every day. it's good to be cleaned of dust that sticks, and also so android to be more clean and look bright like android new.

5.Save Android Your in a Safe Place.
Keep your devices in a safe place will save your CELL phone from the risk of theft, fall in slams ... and prevent losing the CELL phone perhaps you forgot to put android.

6.Don't Hit The Water
Device android if exposed to water will have konsleting on the system that will cause permanent damage to hardware android. For that hindarkan android so far away from the reach of the water, but if exposed to liquid you can use the tips I wrote in the article maxiandroid which you can read here.

7.Keep the Device out of the Reach of Children
Children may not yet understand with the android, most likely the children will be knocked over the android is that he thinks he is a device that is his toy. So keep the android you of the reach of children.

8.Avoid From Things That Cause Damage To The Device
Various situations and conditions can cause damage, therefore please you keep android you of such a thing, some of the things that caused the damage android you can find in the article on the blog maxiandroid this and you can read here.

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